Flexjet Orders 20 Supersonic AS2 Jets

Just this past week at the National Business Aviation Association’s Convention & Exposition, private aviation firm Flexjet officially announced it placed a confirmed order of 20 AS2 supersonic jets from airplane manufacturer, Aerion. There is a catch [More…] Flexjet, a leading provider of fractional ownership and leasing programs for private jets, said this week it has placed a firm order for 20 supersonic business jets three-engine plane — dubbed the AS2 — which will carry eight to 12 In mid-November, Aerion announced an order of 20 AS2s by private jet lessor Flexjet. The supersonic AS2 is expected to make its first flight in 2021 and enter service in 2023. The 12-passenger AS2 is expected to cost about $120 million, and it will be able Aerion already has interest in the supersonic business jet. Two years ago, fractional fleet operator Flexjet placed an order for 20 of them. Aerion expects the AS2’s first flight in 2023 and certification in 2025. Aerion’s effort to build a supersonic business jet gained momentum when Airbus Group SE agreed in 2014 to help design and produce the plane. The following year Flexjet, a fractional-jet ownership company, placed an order for 20 AS2 aircraft. GE said an The AS2’s first flight is scheduled for 2023. Reno, Nevada-based Aerion has orders for 20 AS2s from fractional jet-ownership and leasing company Flexjet at a cost per plan of $120 million. Bass isn’t the only billionaire keen to bring supersonic travel .


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