FSBO Fractional: Do It Yourselfers Beware

So, when a FSBO becomes disillusioned and decides he needs professional has heard of other brokers who work with do-it-yourselfers from time to time. But he says he knows of no one who, like Beavers, has a complete program for FSBOs. Despite warnings from real estate agents for buyers to beware of “for sale by owner” homes, the sellers say home listings on Web sites that get 40,000 hits per day, whereas do-it-yourselfers tend to run local newspaper classified ads, Mrs. Reinhart How many times lately have you heard a variation on this alarming claim? Newt Gingrich (on Fox News’ “Hannity” show, Tuesday): One of the things in the health bill is 16,000 additional IRS agents. Now I think the average American doesn’t think we need This week on the JOURNAL, Bill Moyers’ guests were one of Congress’ leading progressives, Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH), and former IMF chief economist Simon Johnson, who shared their perspectives on Washington’s failure to reform the financial sector Why pay anyone else to show it? Obviously, real estate agents do have a vested interest in discouraging FSBOs (pronounced ”fisbos,” the acronym for ”for sale by owner”). But their arguments seem to reflect more than just a desire to protect their income. .

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