Luxury Fractional Reservation Plans & Usage Systems

Last year, the Ritz-Carlton Hotel revealed plans for a luxury cruise line, with three cruise ships set to begin sailing in 2020. This May, reservations will be open to Ritz-Carlton reward members, and to all others in June 2018. Somewhere between a private Looking for accommodations that are out of this world? Then you’ll be happy to hear that Houston-based startup Orion Span has plans for an extraterrestrial luxury space hotel that it hopes to launch in 2021 and have ready for occupancy the following year. Orion Span has announced what it’s calling the world’s first luxury hotel in space. They made the announcement at the Space 2.0 Summit in San Jose, California on Thursday (April 05), unveiling their plans for started taking reservations with an Are you ready for a luxury hotel in space? We all knew it was coming, even though it seems impossibly futuristic. But this time it’s not just science fiction; somebody actually has a plan the first four months of reservations sold out within 72 The company announced that they plan to launch a “luxury space hotel” within We’re excited to announce Aurora Space Station, the world’s first luxury space hotel. Waitlist reservations are now open. @OrionSpan #AuroraStation Orion Span plans to launch its first Aurora Station module in 2021, with the first guests arriving in 2022. The company is already accepting reservations with an $80,000 fully refundable deposit per person. Aurora Station is being built in Houston. .

For a cool $9.5 million dollars, intrepid travelers can stay at what is being billed as the first luxury hotel in space. Space technology start-up, Orion Span, revealed ambitious plans to launch four months’ worth of reservations within only 72 hours But on Thursday, a company called Orion Span announced that it would build and operate the world’s first “luxury space hotel,” to be completed according to the company’s public relations firm. Reservations four years in advance will cost Just earlier this year, Bigelow Space Operations (of billionaire Robert Bigelow) announced plans for an inflatable space the world’s first luxury space hotel. Waitlist reservations are now open. @OrionSpan #AuroraStation Aurora Station, a luxury space hotel, promises virtual reality and Wi-Fi for travelers in low Earth orbit — but we’ll have to wait and see if the station really flies. A space technology startup called Orion Span recently announced plans for its Aurora .

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