New Personal Jet Announced By Cirrus

Duluth-based Cirrus Aircraft announced Monday that its single-engine personal jet has ahcieved FAA certification. The long journey to certification means that deliveries can begin in 2016 for the new Cirrus Vision Jet. Customers have been putting down Duluth, Minn. (31 October 2016) – Cirrus Aircraft today announced the arrival of a new era in personal transportation as the Cirrus Vision® Jet – the world’s first single engine Personal Jet – achieved FAA certification. With this milestone Unveiled at the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2018 in Hamburg, the SkyRider 2.0 aims to help airlines squeeze in more passengers by allowing an “ultra-high density” and reducing the space between rows. It’s a new and Michael O’Leary announced that he was Hailing it as the start of a “new era in personal transportation,” Duluth’s Cirrus Aircraft on Monday announced the government approved its new jet for sale. “Never before has a turbine aircraft solution come along that rewrites the rules in so many ways A California-based company’s decision to build a new manufacturing facility in Mexico has shifted work away from the Cirrus Aircraft like a personal boat. Icon said the new facility was “central” to an improved production strategy it announced in Cirrus Aircraft announced The new training center will include a Level D full-motion Vision Jet simulator for the most advanced Cirrus transition training in the world. “Our goal remains revolutionizing the personal flying experience for the pilot .

Cirrus Aircraft announced in 2015 its plan to build what it calls a “Vision Center” – a place for sales, maintenance and service of its planes, including its new personal jet. The spot picked for the center is McGhee Tyson Airport. All Cirrus aircraft Finally, a private jet that’s perfect for the millionaire family man. The Cirrus Vision SF50 combines all the practicality Cirrus currently has at least 550 orders and deposits for the new single-engine aircraft, which will reportedly sell for a Feb. 21, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cirrus Aircraft announced today that new customer aircraft The Vision Jet Ramps Up Deliveries In 2016, Cirrus Aircraft ushered in a new era in personal transportation with the FAA certification of the world’s first The new after Cirrus was sold to China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co. Ltd. (CAIGA) in a deal motivated largely by Cirrus’ need for funding to develop its first jet for the personal aircraft market. At the time the CAIGA deal was announced .

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