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Using indoor tanning beds, even if it was just a couple times, can seriously up your risk of skin cancer. And as we’ve previously reported, it’s even more important to get screened if you’ve used them. In a new study published in JAMA Dermatology Brace yourself for this one, as it isn’t for the faint of heart. We all know that washing your hands regularly is very important, right? It helps prevent the spread of germs and remove any, ahem, remnants of your latest bathroom trip that may have It turns out that while you may be scrubbing your hands after using the loo, when you go on to use a hand dryer you’re just covering them in bacteria again. Scientists from the University of Connecticut have discovered that the hot-air dryers in most I am sure I am not the only frequenter of New York City buildings—overheated in winter, either sweltering or bone-chilling in summer—who read “As DC retreats, NY goes all-in on energy efficiency” with some skepticism. Yet, much as I hate to lose my So why is Airbus happily flying drones right up close to its own aircraft? It’s actually to make planes safer, as the aerospace giant is using the machines to help with visual checks of aircraft, “considerably reducing aircraft downtime and improving If community engagement around land use decisions is not integrated systemically into government Women are not part of this group of elders, the suggested reason being that women are “afraid” to make decisions and because they are excluded by the .

Potty training is one of those things people who aren’t parents tend not to dwell on. It’s also pretty easy to forget about once your children are older. However, for that period of parenting, it’s all you can think about. If you’re dealing with a potty (There’s a reason the Klan wore hoods and rallied at night so that the current version reflects the production I directed in London in 2013. 2. The idea to use only teenagers in the cast and band – did that come up early on in the process? .

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