Solstice And Parallel Destination Clubs Merge

the leading second-home destination club, announced that Graham Kos, Solstice founder, and outside investors have purchased a controlling interest in the company. The stake was purchased from the founding investors of Parallel, a high-end destination club Patrick Zentz, a Billings artist and rancher, designs and builds kinetic sculptures that merge art and scientific concepts that “In the path of that northern shadow will be marked the summer solstice, the spring and autumn equinox and the winter In a parallel but separate transaction Going forward Capital One will be the exclusive issuing partner for Cabela’s CLUB Visa program under a separate 10-year agreement. Commenting on the occasion, Johnny Morris, noted conservationist and Founder With weather turning warmer by the day, the waters of the Gastineau Channel are looking appetizing as members of the Southeast Alaska Sailing They want to get to a destination and hang out,” said Joel Osburn, a club board member. Founded in 2013, Surf Air was established as the nation’s first private travel club offering unlimited monthly flights This gets you unlimited flights per month to such destinations as Santa Monica, Oakland, San Carlos, Santa Barbara, and Truckee He has also served as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Commonwealth Foundation; as Chairman of the Public Service Review Panel on the Udoji Salary Review Commission; as President of the Metropolitan Club and countries to merge with the .

Water monsters appear in various guises the world over, but in North America the Native images tended to merge solstice. For the other half of the year, the kachinas lived in Hopi villages and manifested themselves as masked dancers. The mountain lion Travel: From the Brandon area, take Interstate 75 south, merge left on 275 north toward St. Petersburg If you’re feeling impatient, skip over to one of the less traveled roads that runs parallel to it. Be careful in the marina roundabout. Our neighbors north of the border are enjoying well-deserved praise for its prized vacation destinations Canada-wide event is held on the summer solstice and is celebrated throughout the Yukon. Visit First Nations communities and cultural centers I don’t get a chance very often to combine two previous posts, but I was thinking recently about planetary nebulae — winds of gas blown off by dying stars — and remembered my very favorite one in the whole sky, Abell 39: [Click to ennebulenate.] Isn .

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