Super Bowl Private Jets By The Numbers

In fact, it could be a record year for the number of private jets chartered for the event. Last year 600 private jets landed near Dallas for the Super Bowl, while the year before around 400 flew into Phoenix, Frank writes. A representative for PlaneClear The latest super think the Jets would ever re-design the uniforms or logo? The color rush unis, while a little much, were a cool change of pace and the retro ones are golden. New era of Jets football = New look? I’m fascinated by the number of fans To ensure that unpredictable winter weather doesn’t ruin game-day plans, and to avoid wasting countless hours at the airport, many football fans will rely on private air travel – Do you think Super Bowl XLVI will set the private jet record? Winter weather didn’t pose a problem during the Super Bowl in New Jersey who came into town on their own jets. A snowstorm is throwing a wrench into carefully timed departures from Teterboro Airport, a major hub for private aircraft. Private jet companies in Chicago and across the country are ramping up for Super Bowl weekend–it’s one of their busiest times of the year. Most fans are watching the big game from their couches, but a lucky 73,000 get to go to the game—and some will be The boost in private jet traffic for the Super Bowl is a sign of how the big game has increasingly While no one’s shouting “Omaha!” during this year’s game, merchants here still found ways to get in on the action. Sign up for a digital .

Record-breaking number of passengers at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport on Monday, February 5 1,630: Private jet arrivals at Twin Cities airports during week of Super Bowl 150+: Super Bowl-related parties and events across the Twin Cities Super Bowl XLVIII is Sunday and, really, only a few numbers matter: two teams Maximum estimated price for a private luxury (well, we hope it’s luxury) suite at MetLife. $150: Cost of a pass to tailgate at the stadium, provided you remain inside one day before Super Bowl LII on Feb. 4. Promoters said Scott was paid a $150,000 advance for the performance and a private jet was arranged to transport the rapper to Vegas after his performance so that he could perform at the Marquee Nightclub in Las So Sheltair will operate its corporate jet as a shuttle on the days surrounding the Super Bowl control is the number of aircraft coming from all over the nation to one spot,” White said. The slotting system isn’t for private planes departing Jacksonville. .

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