One Step Closer with the US Information Technology Co to Develop your Business

Introduce an Information Technology Co from in Falls Church, VA and it gets support service in Marietta, GA, Houston, TX and Raleigh, NC. What company is it and why you must know it? It is the partner of IBM Business in IBM mainframe technology. The company serves through various products such as software and hardware services. Federal and Agencies including the Department of Defense are their customer focus. Their portfolio coverage integration, zVSE, zLinux, zVM, and zOS.  What else is interesting about this company?

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Information Technology Co from the US has many Clients

Well, let’s start exploring the US Information Technology Co from the history. The firm with the acronym of ITC established 15 years ago in 1993 by three people who possessed extensive experience with IBM. By the way, the expert on the systems design, development, mainframe technology engineering, implementation, and sales. In 1994, the company makes a corporation with IBM Fellow Department with aims are:

  1. New technology expansion and application
  2. Transform OEM to license IBM P/370 technology and unload the mainframe process to x86 based platforms
  3. Improve a unique PCM solution independently. It is for the customers which need cheaper mainframe for enterprise processing.

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Since that time, ITC grows as the mainframe services organization all over the world. It also distributes AGILE development workstations and the compatible server appliances of IBM zSeries mainframe. Besides that, they still offer management services and a full set of mission-critical data center design. Then, the offering services are:

IBM OS system support

  • zSeries configuration specialists
  • Linux implementation experts
  • data center management
  • operations and modernization
  • enterprise architecture design
  • mainframe security assessment
  • forensic analysis

Another feature of the company is when using organizational skill properly. They are able to establish procedure and policies to guide the data center and IT enterprise effectively. As your information, the Information Technology Co has been helping many organizations both commercials and government. They succeeded to minimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and maximize IT resources. Here are the clients that feel the benefits of ITC:

  2. United States Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
  3. United States Department of the Air Force
  4. United States Department of the Army
  5. United States Department of Education
  6. United States Department of the Interior
  7. United States Department of the Navy
  8. United States Department of the Treasury
  9. United States Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB)
  10. United States Government Accountability Office (GAO)
  11. United States National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)
  12. The United States Virgin Islands Department of Labor
  14. Artesian Water Company
  15. Central Florida Educators Federal Credit Union (CFEFCU)
  16. Cisco Systems Inc.
  17. Computer Associates, Inc.
  18. Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)
  19. Compuware
  20. EMC Corporation
  21. United States Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB)
  22. Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB)
  23. FIS Global
  24. General Dynamics
  25. Hitachi Data Systems
  26. KPMG
  27. Long Beach Unified School District
  28. McAfee, Inc.
  29. Marmon/Keystone Corporation
  30. Princeton University
  31. Quest Diagnostics Inc.
  32. SRA International, Inc.
  33. The Washington Convention Center
  34. The World Bank

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Actually, what is the purpose of the discussion about Information Technology Co today? The purpose is to inform you in case you have a business enterprise. You can entrust your venture to them and develop better.

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